who is Leo “K’Millian” Moyo

Leo Moyo (K’Millian) is a Zambian R&B artist .Arguably the greatest Zambian artist of his genre. His most popular hits are ulebukisha” do you remember?”Kakabalika” (‘The Sun Will Shine Again) – a song which tells the story of a pregnant woman who is abandoned, “Pa Ulendo” – a song praising a woman for her prayers and thoughts as he makes a journey to see her, “Nizakukonda”, “Another Day” and “Uleibukisha”. His album “Another Day” spent over 21 weeks as no. 1 in the Zambian charts, whilst “Kakabalika” spent more than 14 weeks at no. 1 on the Radio Phoenix Local Rhythmz Countdown. January 2012}{Citation .Another day album has been declared by many as an album that has no song that is below average ,something that has never been achieved by many r&B artists in Zambia} He sings in either English, Bemba or Nyanja. Most of his songs follow a popular way of mixing sentences so that a sentence can start in English is punctuated with Nyanja and then ends in Bemba – a popular way of communicating in Lusaka. He is known to be a womanizer regardless of his interviews which he denies these allegations.

He is launched a new album called “True Colors” on 21 December 2007. K’millian toured Perth, Australia and performed at the Burswood casino ballroom to masses of Zambian fans that had attended the show.He has worked with many foreign acts .He has also worked with new artists locally such as macky 2 helping them to be recognized on the scene

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