Liyaus Ahava Ft Triza & Strey kaflexer Break the Silence Lyrics

Break the silence

VERSE 1. Liyaus Ahava.

I have been quite for a while tho cause, I had a lot my mind and I had a lot on my chest.
But am about to lay it off.
Before it gets on my nerves.
Yeah huh.
I think I need a chef here cause am about to turn this booth in to a kitchen.
Kondwani when you come, bring some spices.
what’s cooking is nothing but the finest
I think I made a lot of noise with my silence.
So am about to take some shots with a gun which is silent.
The passion that I have for music, they can never stop it.
They don’t want me to speak monga chiulu but and breaking the silence monga na pwanya chizungu
Its funny, but now I have the keys to my destiny.
All I see is a brighter, brighter future
Even tho I was called a looser.
Now am a winner
I made life, to taste the bitter pill it gave me.
If my life is a book then I have just flipping the page
Got beef with poverty the day I met success.
They don’t wanna hear the sound of my voice
The truth is all I spit, everytime am in the booth.

CHORUS. Triza Taj

Break the silence
(Break the silence)
Break the silence
(only the silence).

VERSE 2. Strey Kaflexer

It’s a war within my soul homie that’s what am fighting
All my haters busy tryna call me the know am winning
I will always talk about the pain to motivate
so that we can have some bigger plan to elevate
Am not naive or gullible
Soon my haters will call me incredible
Breaking my silence you know it’s impossible
Granding alone and make it am capable
Haters aside you know am unstoppable
Having the style the whole caboodle
Am sending the message not by the cable
To people who treat me abominable
All Lord please pave my way
I wanna see the batter me
My mind talk alot than my mouth
You will never hear me so loud
They still consider me under level
cause am still pushing making a solid label
I get solid target
With the best of courage
Everything i want i think i will manage
Nawa days I rap to be okay chasing my dangers to be okay.
Ahava taught me how to leave Holy
I was getting sick with the same story
I believe nobody will raise me now.


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