Biography for the rap Owner Joe deezo

Joe deezo The Rap Owner is the Zambian rapper, he started doing music in 2014 , in 2015 he had beef with Alpha Romeo due to his style, the same year he realized a diss to Alpha Romeo called (Upuba sinima tobela) and alpha Romeo fallowed Joe deezo at Club Zed were he had show wanted to beat him but he didn’t manage, in 2016 he did a Song with Bra B called Mfumu which mad him to move around the country for shows and he found the DJ in the same year by the name of DJ Ice who told him to forget about the beef they had with Alpha Romeo and he Joined a Crew called L.B.Z Empire, DJ Ice also help Joe deezo to work on a new style which his using now in the same year he also realized songs like Punchline ft Trevor Boganz & Pack Jay,,,,,, he also realized Ulamupuma ft Trevor Boganz, in 2017 Joe deezo decided to live DJ Ice’s management to start doing things on his on in 2017 Joe deezo realized songs like Welcome Ku ghetto, Meno nima bonzo which he ft Black Chinese, he featured on Diamond Tv station 3 times on a program called bring it on, and he also featured on Movie Tv station at the program called Komboni Radio Show he also had interviews on UNZA Radio station 91.7 with DJ Bee Jay coz of his two Songs Mfumu and Welcome Ku ghetto and he was invited at Man popo’s birthday to perform that’s were Slap D told Joe deezo to continue doing music coz his do talented from there lot of big Artist liked Joe deezo’s Works then they started going with him in many shows many areas Joe deezo started to be found with big artist like Dandy Crazy, Mampi, Chester, Mack2, JK , Slap D, Mic Burner, LB The Rap killer and Bra B, in 2018 Joe deezo was invited to the additions of the program called Heroes in waiting by Big Rob and Hellen and his one of the Artist that were picked there right now he is under management of Big Rob and Hellen in Heroes in waiting, so he has been busy moving with this organization that’s why he didn’t realized many Songs this year he just realized a song Called.¬†African Land And his promising to continue giving his fans good music they want, no more beef with anyone now

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