By Raymond Hansangu - November 6, 2019

Thank you for emailing me, it show you are willing to learn than just judge .
Christianity was first a thing in the second century, that’s when we see Paul preaching about Christ. But though out the 1st century just after  jesus  death people didn’t buy the story because they where there do disagree with what happened.
“If at all he existed that’s a Different argument and  topic”
And what made Christianity more powerful was the concept of hell . if you see from genesis God doesn’t talk about hell but when you approach the new testament that’s when the writer brought in the concept of hell to threaten people.
Christianity supports slavery very much , rape and disrespect woman too much. But people just ignore all those like they are not in the bible.
If you understand the origins of all religions you will understand that there is no such thing as one true religion.
If you read the bible cover to cover with a non bias mind you will see how immoral God of the bible is.
And just because the majority of The people on earth believe doesn’t mean its true .
Most Christians haven’t read the bible on them self, they don’t know even the author the publisher
Lets start with the creation Story, we can clearly  tell that people who wrote the bible are very ignorant with the world we live in, now i dont blame those people become they are very old thats how they understood the world but i blame people in the 21 century believing in them.
If the people who wrote the bible new about the solar system they would have said God Created the 9 or 10 planets then he only make earth perfect for man, but they had no idea about other planets.
 -Do you believe the sun goes round the earth instead the other way round ? “The bible was wrong”
Do you believe the mom is a small light?. “The bible was wrong”
Do you believe 4000 years ago only 8 people where on earth?. “The bible was wrong”
Do you believe then its night in zambia its night everywhere?. “the bible was wrong”
They are alot of things the bible got wrong and i don’t blame the people who wrote it because those people are old  people , they didn’t understand the earth as much as we do.
To be honest with you am %100 sure the God of the  bible  doesn’t exist,
And am %99.999999 percent there’s is no God.
am not claiming anything, and not saying there is no God am saying i don’t believe there is God, this are two different statements, so am not raising any hypothesis. I would if we are to think the same. *am Juts stating facts*.
If i could then yes my hypothesis is out this world, because this is the only world have known, and this is the only world you have known too, but you just want to believe that anything you cant understand then God has a Good explanation.
I know you are a Good person and i know 80percent of what the bible teaches you, you dont do them because its evil and immoral.
If only Christians could just be free mind without putting God in the equation be skeptical for just one minute. You will find that the bible is more evil than you thought, its racist, full of disrespect to woman. Doesn’t allow you to question what you cant understand.
You are a Good person than what the bible teaches.
God tell his people.
If your slave disobeys you beat him/her up for as long as he doesn’t die, If you want break his/her legs just don’t kill him/her.
The story of Abraham and Sarah, how Sarah treated hagar and how God handled it.
If your first born misbehave stone him/her to death,
Dont give food or money to the children if they don’t have a father.
And i can go on and on. With the immoral things the bible tells us to do and we don’t do them because we are Good people but we want to pretend like the bible is a loving book.
Like i always say, jesus is the only characters i like from the bible. They wanted to fix the wrong things God did by bringing Jesus in the picture, but they thought the only person who can fix the wrong is God so lets say Jesus is God but is the son.
-Like for example God said an eye for an eye
-Then Jesus came and said if one hits you on the right let him hit your left too.
But he kept on refusing that he didn’t come to change Gods word and he wasn’t  apologetic about it .
But when read the 4 gospels you see Jesus changing a lot of mosses laws .
And they are some Jesus teaching i don’t agree to some extent.
 you can see that Jesus character was just thought through in the 2 century, in the old testament God didn’t talk about the Trinity apart from Genesis which Christians have added a word “we” during the creation but if you read the old version its was “I”.
in genesis and the other first books of the bible its clear that God looks like a Human being and he doesn’t know the future, then they kept on changing to a more powerful God who knows everything, they they changed to  God is beyond time. We can even see were they are changing this character.
In first Book God can walk in the garden
God has hands to make Adam
God breaths so he has the mouth and the noise .
God keeps asking whats happing. In Genesis remember sodom and gomora”God said am Going to search and see if i will find anyone who is pure in heart, “hold on” you God you supposed to know how many people are pure in sodom🤦🏾‍♂.
And usually i don’t reply to people who text me about God,because they are ignorant of what they believe in.  but i have Hope in You, i hope one day you will free your brain and realize that all religions were just invented by human being. Christianity and Islam these religion are still new that’s why people are believing in them. In one million years from now people will understand that religion is nothing but just nothing more than culture and put God as an hypothesis for things they cant understand.
Before the big bang and the black hole  we don’t know what happened and we all don’t know how we got here, So thats the most exciting thing , we have to find out. If from the beginning of time we believed God made us we wouldn’t even have discovered anything science has discovered today.
Out of %100 we have only lived %0.000000000001 and out of that we have Only discovered %0.0000000000000000000001  of what to know about the universe, so have a lot to learn about our existence, but if we just say God and sit on earth while we wait for the son of man to come back, that would be stupid.
Okay letsbimagine God made us
1.its either is there  but he doesn’t have the power to show himself  so atheist like me can believe
2. Or is there and he has the power to show himself but he doesn’t just want.He only want people who believe based on faith and personal experience to go haven so us can go yo hell.
Lastly if
-If God knows the future and there is noting he can do change it then is not God.
-If God knows the future but he doesn’t want to change it because he wants everything to happen as he knows, then is not worthy
-if God knows the future and the past and he decides  to change it, then is not God because what he saw didn’t happen.
At the same time God does not  make mistake but we see him making mistake just from Genesis and we see him repenting, hold on you God who are you repenting to?🤷🏾‍♂
Its like saying God is a married bachelor.
Or God is a long slive vest.
Or maybe God is a bicycle  but with 4 wheels.
Its Impossible for God of the bible to exit, but its possible for a God who made us to exit.But i don’t believe he exist.
You are a God person and i know you and i are brainwashed with our bible beliefs, but i know you smarter than that.
And if Your Bible tells you not question  your beliefs then its hiding something from you.
If you need reference from the things i raised about in case you don’t know the specific verses email me back i will send all the verses.


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